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Car Cover Fabrics
When you choose an article of clothing, the fabric always matches the purpose of the garment; you wouldn't want a bathing suit made out of wool or a winter coat made from linen, for example. And because not all car covers serve the same purpose, you should put the same care into choosing the best fabric to cover your car as you do when you choose clothing for yourself. Car Covers are a industry leader and well known brand name in Auto protection use for many years.

Believe it or not, there are many different types of car cover fabrics available, and the best one for your individual car, truck, SUV, station wagon, or van will depend on a number of factors, including where you live and where your vehicle is parked on a regular basis. Whether you are looking for an SUV Cover, a van cover, a waterproof car cover, an outdoor car cover, a truck cover, or a semi custom car cover, the following information will help you choose the very best car cover for your vehicle.

First, consider the kinds of weather your vehicle will be exposed to when it is parked. If you live in an area of the country with a lot of precipitation, your vehicle cover will need to be made of a fabric that can effectively resist moisture. If there will be heavy rain, you will need an exceptionally waterproof fabric for your car cover, because even some of the best waterproof car covers will absorb some moisture after a long, heavy rain.

Acid rain is another factor-if you live near a city or in an area that gets significant acid rain, your car cover will need to be able to resist the contaminants as well as the water.

Snow is yet another consideration. Although your vehicle may not get exceptionally wet when the snow first falls, as it melts, the moisture will penetrate a car cover that isn't sufficiently waterproofed.

When it comes to waterproof car covers, no matter if you are trying to protect your vehicle from rain or snow, your waterproof car cover fabric should be sufficiently ventilated to keep moisture from building up and causing mold or mildew. For example, the Empire Waterproof car covers micro-pore technology allows condensation to escape as evaporated gas, giving your car moisture protection both inside and out.

Another weather element to consider when choosing the fabric for your car cover is wind. Thick car covers are great if you need heavy protection for your car, truck, or SUV, but they are difficult to take on and off when the wind is blowing. So if you live in a windy city or town, depending on your needs, you may be better off with a car cover that is made from a lighter weight fabric.

And if you live in a sunny state, such as Florida, Arizona, or California, you will want a car cover fabric that offers the most UV protection. For example, the DuPont Tyvek cover offers over 99 percent solar efficiency to help keep your vehicle protected from the sun. Another issue in hot states is heat insulation-the car cover fabric should be thick enough to keep your car, truck, or SUV cool, even when it has been parked in the blazing sun.

Beyond weather, there are other factors an automotive car cover will shield your vehicle against, including tree sap, leaves, and pollen; bird droppings; and abrasive dust and dirt. Plus, car covers, truck covers, SUV covers, and van covers all provide strong theft deterrence.

When choosing a car cover, don't forget about one of the most important threats dings, dents, and scratches. You want to find a car cover fabric that is thick enough to protect against dings and dents while your vehicle is parked, but soft enough to provide a silky texture against the delicate finish on your paint.

To find out here more about the best fabrics for truck covers, SUV covers, and other semi custom car covers, and to find the perfect car cover to meet your needs.

All Weather Outdoor Car Covers

When your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV sits parked outdoors, there are a number of elements that can scratch, dent, or dull its paint and finish. Dust can become abrasive and scratch your vehicle. Bird droppings can stick to your car's paint, making it difficult to remove without damage. Over time, wind, rain and snow can wear away your paint's finish and make it look dull. And trees can drop acorns, sap, and pollen, all of which can stain, dent, or scratch your car. With an outdoor car cover, you can protect your trusted vehicle from these and other elements that threaten it when it's parked outside. No matter if you live on the sunny and rainy California coast, the snowy Alaskan shore, or in the hot Texas sun, we have the perfect outdoor car cover to meet your needs. Here are some of the outdoor car covers you can choose from:

The 100% Waterproof Car Cover is the best waterproof outdoor car cover available. While most waterproof outdoor car covers trap moisture and condensation against the vehicle, which causes damage such as mold and mildew, our 100% Waterproof outdoor car cover offers a sophisticated SFS micro-pore technology that allows condensation to escape as evaporated gas, giving your car moisture protection inside and out. And the Waterproof outdoor car cover's ultrasonically welded seams prevent water penetration.

The Max Cover: If your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV is vulnerable to harsh weather patterns, including hot sun, heavy rain, ice, and snow, the Max outdoor car cover will provide maximum protection. The Max's Endura Plus fabric offers superior breathability and all-weather defense, including thorough UV protection and high water resistance. And the snug fit and thickness of the Max outdoor car cover will keep your vehicle safe and secure.

DuPont Tyvek Sunproof Car Cover: For drivers whose main concern is the sun, the Premier DuPont Tyvek Cover outdoor car cover keeps vehicles cool and clean with great protection and over 99 percent solar efficiency. Because it blocks 99.8 percent of the sun's rays, the Premier DuPont Tyvek outdoor car cover is a particularly good choice if you live in a sunny area of the country. In addition to offering superior protection for your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV, all of the outdoor car covers come with a warranty, storage pouch, tie down grommets, full elastic hem around the whole cover, and an antenna patch.